Breathing Lessons

By BijaB

Just keep watching your breath.

(Photo: Lois Greenfield)

Remember, this is not a breathing class. This is your breath, and this is your life.

No one is going to judge you, test you, or give you a grade.

So let's get honest about where your breath is right now. Do you feel yourself straining as you inhale? Notice any resistance. And take your time. Allow your exhale to become a little longer and slower.

Don't let the out-breath release too fast. Notice if you collapse your body as you breathe out. Instead, feel a slight contraction of your belly as you exhale slowly.

Let your breathing become smooth and easy. And just keep watching your breath. You can keep your eyes open and even continue reading as you breathe in and out easily and effortlessly.

Stay with your breath for a moment. You can even close your eyes and just be with your self and your breath. It's okay to put the book down.

Give your breath some freedom again. Feel what is going on inside you right now. Notice your thoughts. Notice what you are feeling.

Stay with your breath.

And let the flow of your breath lead you to your present state of energy and awareness. There is nothing you need to do. Just allow your awareness to be with your breath.


And respect yourself. Then you will see that everything you are looking for is right there.

Learn to use your breath as a powerful mindfulness practice — all it takes is the right breathing lesson.

(Excerpt from: Breathing into Life

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