At this challenging time, let’s turn the focus inward to see how we can discover and realize our goals and dreams. Time for Project Self.

Thanks to COVID-19, all activity involving human interaction is canceled. For two to three weeks? Not likely. Experts say coronavirus quarantines are likely to last far longer than that—perhaps far into the year. But instead of canceling 2020 and becoming a victi of this hateful scourge, use the time to pause, ponder, reboot and launch a “Project Self.”

Let’s start with the basics on why this is a good thing to do right now:  Americans are lonely, according to Cigna’s 2020 Loneliness Index. And loneliness is lethal. It not only contributes to depression, heart disease, diabetes and dementia, it also increases the risk of death by the same amount as smoking 15 cigaretts a day, Cigna’s Medical Officer Dr. Doug Nemeek says.

That’s where a Project Self comes in.

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