As human beings, we crave certainty and order — concepts reinforced by evolutionary theory. After all, how could the “fittest” survive if they weren’t clever enough to make their lives a little less uncertain? Yet at the same time, chaos exists in both human beings and nature — the turbulent sea, the fluctuations of wildlife, the oscillations of our hearts and brains, even the outbreak of pathogens. Disturbances create disequilibrium but allow creativity.

To find calm in chaos, it’s helpful to first recognize the value of disorder in your life. Then you can learn to acknowledge and move through chaos with seven simple steps.

In the midst of change — times like right now — everything can feel chaotic. Nevertheless, when we are overwhelmed by chaos, it can serve a valuable purpose. While chaos can seem ominous because we’re taught to avoid it, in reality it may be refocusing our minds and positioning our psyches for growth.

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