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How to Get Through a Troubling Time—Meaning Now

Our world is changing exponentially. Just as 9/11 reshaped so much about our lives, so will this pandemic. Will our interactions with family, friends, colleagues and in public places ever be the same? Will the compulsory changes we’re practicing become permanent?

It’s too early to predict what will be, but I think it’s important to acknowledge what “is now.” Many of us are feeling fearful and sad. But grief expert David Kessler put it all in perspective for me in a recent Harvard Business Review interview. “The loss of normalcy; the fear of economic toll; the loss of connection. This is hitting us and we’re grieving.” And not surprisingly, he points out, “we’re not used to collective grief.”

When we’re faced with uncertainty, anxiety and the emotions it produces, we must find ways to stay healthy, balanced, fulfilled—and most significantly, positive! My advice is to pay attention to what we feel and focus on gratitude and optimism. New research shows that practicing gratitude can improve resilience, lower stress, boost overall strength—and even make us feel more joyful, and optimists have a lower risk of disease and mortality. With that in mind, read on for insights and tools we can use to stay optimistic, remember how fortunate we are and envision our best selves now.



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Pause, Ponder and Reboot:  The Perfect Time for “Project Self”

It’s a challenging time, but let’s look at the bright side and use the assets it offers us wisely. Take a moment and turn your focus inward to think about and realize your dreams and goals. Simply put, start a “Project Self.” Learn how in my column in AGEIST Magazine.

Build Immunity to Stay Well; Here’s How

Staying healthy today matters more than ever before, for all the obvious reasons. Yet our opportunities to do all the things we usually rely on to stay fit, relieve stress and build our all-important immunity are limited right now. As a wellness consultant for personal and corporate clients, I’m always focused on ways to support wellness, from strategies to strengthen the immune system to helping clients heal. Here are some basic ideas all of us can use to support and protect our health now and in the future.

Healing Matters:  Here’s How to Embrace it Now

Achieving good health, and maintaining it, takes understanding the power of the mind-body connection. This holistic way of looking at wellness, links ancient (and proven) healing models with modern lifestyle choices to promote powerful health changes. How to embrace this paradigm? What really matters are the personal choices you make. Learn new ways of self-healing that engage your body and mind, and work with your lifestyle, here.

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My Immediate RXs for Working at Home

It may be business as usual in theory, but not in practice. If you’re sitting way too long from virtual meetings, try this short practice to relieve lower back discomfort. Or when you’re out of steam, try this quick standing posture to sharpen your attention.

What You Should Read

There’s a new historical divide: B.C. and A.C. Even though this was published last month, Thomas Friedman’s New York Times OpEd is brilliant. See the trends he thinks we should watch. And if you think I’m overplaying the power of wellness and movement, see the latest Yale research on the extraordinary power of regular exercise. Most importantly, join the Positively Well movement from the Global Wellness Institute and participate in a forum where you’ll find vital information, global resources and honest discussions that will empower you to achieve wellness right now.


And finally—listen up!

Michael Stipe’s new song released two weeks ago on YouTube, “No Time For Love Like Now,” is exquisite and so meaningful right now. For those of you who don’t know Stipe’s work, he’s the lead singer and lyricist of R.E.M. and the coauthor of the equally poignant song “It’s the End of the World As We Know It.”

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