The 5 Dimensions of Wellness

By BijaB

Long before modern science validated the connection between the body and the brain, ancient teachings revealed that our body, mind and emotions are part of one integrated system, and when we influence one aspect of our system, we affect every other aspect.

Panchamaya — meaning “five dimensions” — is the world’s earliest system of holistic health and self-care and provides a full-spectrum of teachings for every layer of the human experience — inluding the body, energy, focus, behavior, and personal growth. This multi-dimensional model is the key to understanding the mission of wellness for the modern human being. It addresses all levels of a person's needs and gives a vision of possibilities for a life of health, healing and well-being.  



Body – Nourishing the Physical

Achieving physical health is fundamental to the overall health of your body and mind. When you make movement and exercise a regular part of your day, you can create balanced growth throughout the whole of your life. Physical health along with structural fitness, bodily strength, flexibility, and stamina, is the foundation upon which high performance rests.

Energy – Feeling Vitality

Creativity, engagement, and enthusiasm for life is dependent on vital energy. By restoring your energy through regular renewal, your immune system is strengthened, stress is relived, and your physiology restores itself. This creates overall health in your entire body-mind, including your digestive, respiratory, immune, and cardiovascular systems.

Focus - Sustaining Attention

The power of your mind has tremendous influence over your cognitive capacity and the depth of your experience. Your ability to create and maintain clarity of perception, strong memory, and concentration through intellectual mind-training and education, is the key to leadership, optimal performance, and living a well life.

Behavior - Shaping Attitudes and Character  

Understanding what motivates you — knowing what your mind is doing, feeling what your body is feeling every single day — leads to responsible behaviors. This behavioral awareness develops strength of character. Exercising conscious behaviors and defining them in specific ways, brings the commitment, focus, and momentum, critical to your success.

Personal Growth - Finding Purpose and Fulfillment

Achieving spiritual purpose and fulfillment on the deepest personal level comes from linking with your spiritual center or source. Personal transformation through sustained exploration and effort, creates a sense of joy, fulfillment, happiness, and enhanced quality of life. Practicing with the intention of connecting with something beyond yourself, helps you maintain that connection and allows you to achieve your fullest potential as a human being.



Wellness is not just an idea; it’s a mission. Building a culture of wellness may seem complicated, but it’s actually based upon one simple concept — the person. 

Learn more about how you can use the Five Dimensions of Wellness to help you create personal rituals to build on for your work and life.


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