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"Bija is — very simply put — a powerful, dynamic, teacher." —Wayne Dyer

(Photo: Todd Rosenberg)

Bija Bennett is an accomplished, charismatic speaker with over 30 years of experience in the wellness arena. Her inherent ability to inspire and connect with an audience has earned her international recognition as a motivating, innovative and inspirational teacher.

A proponent for change, Bija focuses on real issues stemming from today’s fast-paced, high-stress workplace. With passion and vision, she reaches individuals of all ages, offering them actionable techniques to facilitate a healthier, more balanced, productive and well life.

As a co-presenter with Deepak Chopra, M.D., an expert in integrative medicine, Bija has spoken at medical seminars, physicians’ trainings and workshops in over 50 cities throughout North America and Europe. As a lecturer, she has been featured in major programs for the International Spa Association, The Turning Point and the Young Presidents’ Organization, where was rated a top 10 speaker.

A catalyst and thought-leader, Bija draws on years of formal training in yoga therapy, meditation and holistic health to convey the tenets of mind-body medicine in an insightful, accessible and engaging way.

Who Can Benefit?

Using a whole-person approach to wellbeing, Bija’s focus is on the individual. Whether it’s a business group concerned about the high stress lifestyles of the corporate world, or hospitality, health and fitness organizations looking to incorporate wellness strategies into their program offerings, she tailors each presentation to the specific challenges, needs and interests of her audiences.

Bija also specializes in working with students and recent college graduates who are about to enter the workplace, providing them with insight and guidance on coping with stress, anxiety, competition and other mental health issues.

Bija’s fresh, vibrant and interactive style speaks strongly to a new generation that is interested in holistic health but wants to hear it expressed in new ways.


Bija can bring her expertise to you and your team! Invite Bija to speak at your next workshop or event.

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