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When you move, what moves you?

A few years ago I heard a fascinating remark: "There is no such thing as a completely sick person, or a completely healthy person, either. There are only those who move more and those who move less."

If movement means life, lack of movement means lack of life. If you don't move it, you'll lose it.

You need to move. Your body has a living pulse inside, a fluid flow of energy and intelligence. The more you move, the more intelligence you feel. The more intelligence you feel, the more physically and emotionally alive you are.

So, when you move, what moves you? Is it your emotions, your intelligence, or your muscles? Did you ever think of muscles as being intelligent? As a matter of fact, the intelligence of your muscles is extraordinary. They have a remarkable intelligence-gathering capacity. This you can learn through the movements of yoga.

Yoga is movement. In yoga, there's a big difference between movement and exercise.

Movement in your body is a neuromuscular event as well as an emotional one, resulting from the integrated activity of your entire nervous system. Your nervous system initiates, controls, and monitors all movement within your body and mind, and connects all the parts with its intelligence.

If you consciously move your body, you move your emotions as well as your mind. Moving your emotions and your mind will similarly affect your body. When you move, you transform things.

This is body intelligence.







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Sensitive Chaos

In everyone and everything lurks the potential for chaos.

Amid change, all life is in chaos — the turbulent sea, the fluctuations of wildlife, the oscillations of our hearts and brains. Life is most exciting when it's in chaos. During periods of emotional chaos, you always seem to grow the most. Disturbances create disequilibrium, but disequilibrium leads to growth. Chaos is a great motivator, prodding you, pushing you to keep going, to renew your beliefs and question your behaviors.

Chaos is just the motion of your system organizing itself into a new focus. When disturbances come, know you're being asked to change and move forward. Sure, it initally disturbs you because it throws you off balance. You can't seem to focus. Nothing appears to be accomplished. 

To trust in chaos is a learned behavior.

Unsettling as it may seem, your emotional confusion, disturbance, or doubt is simply the journey of your system moving into and out of chaos — or into and out of order. Appreciate the necessity for chaos and you'll understand it as the source of your creative energy and power.

Moving through chaos is a process with many steps:

1. Trust in yourself.

2. Have faith in a higher order.

3. Know that sanity lies in the meaning of it all.

4. Be gentle with whatever you're going through.

5. Look in the direction in which you want to go.

6. Allow yourself to grow, but be willing to be disturbed.

7. Keep moving.

When you're in chaos, whatever happens, the structure of your entire being will maintain its shape. It won't dissolve. Focus will emerge. There will be differentiation, that's all, not dissociation from who you are.

Once you go into your chaos and emerge without too many bruises, you'll know you can throw yourself into the meanderings of chaos anytime, and you'll still be alright.

So the next time you find yourself in chaos, keep moving, and remember what Nietzsche said: 

You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.



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