Bija Bennett

Meditating is like opening up the view, on the inside. Once you are open, you simply take a look and appreciate the view!

I remember the first time I began to meditate. It was one summer, outside my house in Highland Park, Illinois. I was six years old, and I could smell the cut grass as I lay on my back, gazing into the majestic branches of an enormous oak tree.

The limbs spread out over the entire sky. Only patches of blue sky showed through. It was a grand old tree and I felt protected by its arms. Its roots protruded up into the lawn. I liked to scratch my back on the dark brown bark. I stayed under the tree for hours — silent, happy, and free — just being there, at peace with myself. I didn’t know it, but I was meditating.

Dhyana, or "meditation," is the process of intentionally directing your mind in a certain way for a period of time. You establish contact with an idea, emotion, or object, and prolong that contact. Whatever happens between you and the object is the beginning of meditation.


Meditations: Self Awareness


Listening Skills


Breathing Lessons

Having a Listening Mind


Have You Heard


Vital Calming Breath

Paying attention is not a narrowing-down process or a discipline of your mind. Paying attention is an experience of freedom. It's having a listening mind. more


Your eyes see only what’s on the surface. But to hear is to BE. How is your hearing sensitivity? more


This elegant breathing practice creates a calming effect, while soothing agitated states of anxiety, upset, or fear. more

Being Lazy

Do you think that you are being lazy when you are not doing something?

Do you think that you are wasting your time when you are simply just being there? There’s nothing wrong with just sitting still and watching. Maybe real laziness is when your mind is unaware of its own reactions. Or when you’re not paying attention to what is going on inside you.

This is when you’re really asleep.

Quite frankly, your restless mental wanderings have nothing to do with knowing or learning anything. However, if you allow yourself to be watchful of the trees, or the wind, or the people, or your breath, you can make some brilliant discoveries.

Using your breath is most convenient. It’s always there and it immediately leads you to the knowledge of what is happening right now. This is good to know. For when the next time comes that you are frantically pushing or frustrated, or working all day to achieve what you want.

You can get a little lazy And just watch yourself and your breath.


Meditations: Feeling Your Body

The Body Awareness Technique

You know it in your body before you know it in your head.

Try this essential exercise that puts you in touch with your body’s signals. The better you get at this, the more self-awareness you’ll have, the more fully engaged you’ll be. more


Mind-Body Video

Finding-Focus: Wake Up Practice

This short practice is a soothing way to wake up — and helps you to focus, concentrate, and sustain your attention without distraction.

The benefits you'll get: focusing, clarifying, attention-building, and improved memory more


Meditations: Visual Design

Meditations: Visual Design A New Way to See

There are many types of meditation. In meditation, you can have various starting points, distinct levels on the springboard from which you can dive.

Meditating on a visual design tells you more about yourself than the image. This is the goal of meditation. more

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Bija Bennett is a Chicago-based author, artist, and filmmaker who turned from the performing arts to the healing arts, and then back again to make unique and inspiring books, music, films, and videos that impact the way we work and live.