Bija Bennett

Planting a tree is an act of optimism. You do it with a sense of trust in the future. You nurture the seed. Then you let it grow.

It’s summer! And it’s time to grow. I believe that growing is the most essential endeavor that we as human beings can undertake. It’s the one thing that nobody can ever take away from you. The growth that comes from your search for self-knowledge makes you a deeper person in all ways and in all kinds of endeavors. It’s the very foundation that sustains you through all kinds of difficulties.

Give yourself some time to grow. Desire to grow, and your growing will continue by itself. Grow and attune yourself to the greater world of which you are a part. Grow and find a life that is continuously unbroken and flowing with aliveness.

Resolve yourself toward your deepest transformation — and grow wild!




Practices and Tools


Profiles: Marshall Bennett


Profound Attunement


The Dad Project

Welcome to my personal portfolio of articles, music, practices, and films. Here, I've designed guides to help you exercise healthfully, breathe more consciously, focus your mind, sleep better, and simply appreciate yourself more. more


There is no such thing as a casual use of your awareness. Every day, every moment, how you invest your awareness determines who you are and how you live. more


Are not the last conversations with your parents the most consecrated? What would you talk about if you could ask them anything? more

Life of Wonderment

Like many artists, I've expressed myself through the creation of several bodies of work. I've explored ideas, themes, and insights through multiple pieces across a variety of mediums and styles — film, poetry, books, photography, and, of course, teaching. Storytelling is one of my greatest passions, and it doesn't matter what medium I use to tell the story.

My purpose is to create a unified, coherent and cohesive view of the story, made richer and more engaging by telling it through various mediums. For me, it's always about creating beginnings — re-setting the present and breaking unwanted cycles that are no longer fulfilling. Over the years, my work has reflected exactly that. My philosophy is to pursue a life of wonderment: Fearlessly create your own beginnings by using the power of your awareness to set yourself free. Over and over again, you turn yourself directly toward what you are feeling or experiencing now. This kind of palpable, present-moment aliveness is different than driving yourself to become something. But it's a perfectly valid thing to explore.

I realize it myself, too, when I find a way to slow down and stop. Then magically, all of a sudden, a world inside me, made of connections and ideas, wakes up and I feel a surge of inspiration and meaning. This world of crystal clear silence is the anchor and connection to whatever "beginnings" I’m exploring and from where all inspiration comes. I like to think of it as a new way to meditate. Rather than paying attention to the collection of thoughts and repeated patterns, you feel a shift in sensation and return to the starting point from where you can begin again. This gets you to look at things you've never expected before, leading you to something new.

Whenever you do something new, something new happens. There is a deep sense of wonderment. You chuckle from the inside.


My Journey

The Unpredictable in Everyday

Last summer in Paris, I wandered through the city and began to notice drawings scratched on walls, graffiti lurking in corners, wall paintings in a funky nook, and fragments of murals on a crowded street. It made me look more closely at things, their shapes, colors, jumping from something close-up, to further away. more


On Sustainability of Self

Communing With Nature

Nature is the closest phenomenon that links us to what is sacred, higher, and emotionally whole. Nature is filled with feelings of the whole. The church of the earth is the greatest church of all, the temple of the forest is the greatest temple there is or ever could be, and the altar of the mountain is the most natural altar. more


Mind-Body Connection

The Art of Taking Time

We must slow down and take time to savor this life. Idleness provides space and quiet. It allows us to stand back from life and see it as a whole. Rest is paradoxically, necessary to getting any work done, for “...making unexpected connections, and waiting for the wild summer lightning strikes of inspiration…” to come. more


Who is BijaB?

I am an artist and dancer who turned from the performing arts to the healing arts and then back again, to make unique and inspiring books, music, films, and videos that impact way we work and live. From my home in Chicago to my studies in India and around the world, I share my journey in words, images, music, and film. more

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