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Thankfulness is one of the most powerful statements of emotional healing.

Gratitude means having an appreciation for what you have and for what you experience. Thanking is a declaration of faith.

To the degree that it is held as truth is the degree to which it will manifest in your experience. Acknowledge something you are thankful for: your health, family, friends, work, etc. 

Say a short prayer of gratitude and aliveness. Repeat the words of your prayer quietly, either in a soft voice or a whisper. Direct your voice inward. The pace you choose can have the effect of quieting your mind most profoundly. You may draw out each word as long as possible, pausing briefly to let the meaning sink in. Allow the words to penetrate you deeply. Easily feel the meaning of each word:

     - I am healing now. I am grateful for...

     - I feel the silence, and rest in my experience.

     - I am aware. I feel alive. I am fully myself in the present moment.

     - Peace...peace...peace...

You may also use your breath as prayer: On inhale, have the intention to receive gratefulness or peace. On the hold after inhale, say a simple prayer. Exhale, make a gesture of gratitude. On the hold after exhale, release all your tension and stress.

Then, with true willingness and a glad heart, move into your day — and enjoy this deep and meaningful holiday season.

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Renew your commitment to yourself everyday, especially during the holidays.

Exercise healthfully, breathe consciously, enjoy the senses, direct your focus, and simply appreciate yourself more.

The message of yoga is simple: You have it in you. Everything you need is right there.

Attune yourself to what is happening all around you, to what you feel. Experience the emotion, the day, the sun. This is the discipline, but it's actually freedom. 

Work deeply within yourself to understand the source and power of your own life. This is what spirituality is all about. Pursue yourself to the core, and don't spend time with anything less than that.

Happy Holidays to all my family and friends!

With love,


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