Lifescape Sound Score for Solo Cello - Max Bruch: Kol Nidre

By BijaB

This piece has enormous meaning for me, personally. It is something that I've heard throughout my lifetime and it's profoundly moving every time I hear it during the Jewish High Holy Days. 

This recording of Kol Nidre for solo cello is part of the sound score for "Lifescape: A Video Portrait of Marshall Bennett" by video artist Lincoln Schatz. We recorded Ken Olsen performing the piece at Bennett-Gordon Hall at the Ravinia festival in the summer of 2013. Chris Willis was the recording engineer.

The emotional impact of the cello along with Ken's talent brings depth and mystery to the piece.

NOTE: Kol Nidre, Op. 47 (also known as All Vows, the meaning of the phrase in Aramaic), is a composition for cello and orchestra written by Max Bruch.

(Photo: Todd Rosenberg)

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