Experiments in Music

By BijaB

"Music before all else." —Paul Verlaine

Music is one of the most important drivers in my life. For me, "both listening to and making music is as natural an activity as breathing and walking." (Daniel Levitin)

I grew up hearing Leonard Bernstein and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra at the Ravinia Festival in Chicago. At 15, I became the lead singer in an all-girl rock band, The Shape, and moved on to study with John Cage, perform Chinese music, and learn South Indian vocal music, which led to my interest in Vedic Chanting. I'm obsessed with attending all sorts of live music events and have been moved by some of the most expressive musicians in the world. 

Music is a personal and emotional experience for me. That's why music is part of the fabric of every performing arts project I do. All of the dances, productions, and films I've directed or produced include original or live music. When music forms a relationship with an image or set of movements in a meaningful way, it gives rise to something higher.

Over the past ten years, I've had the opportunity to collaborate with two extraordinary musicians:

Martin Case, who is a performer, composer, and multi-media audio producer, has created numerous scores for dance, television, and film. "Transitions" is a compilation of four unique sound scores composed by Martin for my YogaAway videos. It's a rich audio landscape you'll love to explore. 

Ken Olsen is the Assistant Principal Cellist of the Chicago Sympony Orchestra and one of my best friends. I had the privilege of working with Ken on the sound score for "Lifescape" — a video portrait of my father, Marshall. Ken and I chose five composers for solo cello, and recorded him performing at the Ravinia Fesival in Chicago. The emotional impact of the cello along with Ken's talent brings depth and mystery to the piece.

I invite you to LISTEN to some my favorite tracks:

Transitions: The Music of YogaAway by Martin Case

Ken Olsen preforming Kol Nidre by Max Bruch

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