Creative Works

Like many artists, I've expressed myself through the creation of several bodies of work. I've explored ideas, themes, or insights through multiple pieces across various mediums: film, poetry, books, photography, and music. Each body of work reflects my philosphy to pursue a "life of Wonderment."

In my "Life of Wonderment Blog" I fuse the worlds of art, work, self, and life with personal conversations and advice.


"Bija's books draw on the latest research and incorporate an up-to-the-minute synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern science."

Videos and Films

I like to create a cinema experience that includes self-reflection in the audience, bringing viewers into the present. This 'present-ness' is a state of connection that can remain and continue on.


Music is one of the most important drivers in my life. To me, making and listening to music as natural an activity as walking and breathing.

Life of Wonderment Blog

Whenever you do something new, something new happens. There is a deep sense of wonderment, and you chuckle from inside.