The Breathing Breakthrough

By BijaB

Conscious breathing has dramatic physical effects on both your body and mind.

The Breathing Breakthrough: Everything You Need to Know to Sharpen Your Focus, Worry Less, and Live Longer 
(Balboa Press, 2016)
By Bija Bennett

Stress is personal. Breathing is one of the most personal and accessible forms of self-care that you have. You can significantly impact your energy, aging, brain and immune strength, sleep, happiness, family, intimacy, even sex — when you breathe.

The Breathing Breakthrough by Bija Bennett, offers compelling facts, practical examples, and cutting-edge science based on ancient insights, revealing how the power of your breath can change how you think and feel.

Learn how to use your breath for rest and recovery, focusing and meditation, energy-management, and as a wellness practice to help reduce the burden of stress-related disease, both in the workplace and at home.

Praise for Bija Bennett

"I have seen how transformative Bija's teachings can be. I have watched her work with individuals in a clinical setting as well as with groups at my workshops around the country. She has a profound gift for making the spirit of yoga accessible."
     — Deepak Chopra

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