Wet, Wild, and Windy

By BijaB

Run to the ocean. Meet yourself there.

When you look at waves

               from a distance

                              they almost look


Get right down in there

                 and they are deep

                                        and daring.


        right after the other.





                  with meaning.

Your feelings,

                        when you don't look at them,

                                                    when you hide

from a distance,

                they seem to disappear.  And all that is left

          are your mind-born waves

                                         from where you cease to feel.

                                                   Don't be afraid to feel.

Drop yourself into

                                your raging-waves.

                                                       You can ride them.

            You can cross the sea.

                             It's unfathomable.

                                    Be deep and daring.

      Stay with your breathing.  And get right down in there.

              Feel what it feels like

                                 to be tossed


                                                     by what you really feel.

              Run to the ocean.  Meet yourself there.

Many unaware ones never know

                          that the wet, wild and windy waves

                                                                  that feel and heal

         can surely save you.


                                       your boundless sea.

Successfully ride the waves of your emotions — these practices and tools can help.

(Excerpt from: Breathing into Life)

(Photo: Erik Liberman)

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