By BijaB

This is jazz. Many variations. Let yourself go.

Think of your breath as jazz.
And you can improvise
      starting with some fast breaths.
                          Some rapid, soft, and punchy breaths.
Quick eighth notes of breath. Breathing through your nose.
                    Accenting on the exhale.
        Finish with some longer, slower, deeper whispering breaths.
                Lyrical, light, airy-sounding breaths.
                         Then deeper, peaceful, wave-like breaths.

Awareness of spontaneity.

          Not choreographed.

But lively, rhythmical, improvisational breaths.
        This is jazz. Many variations. Let yourself go.
Feel what kind of breath is being breathed.
        Could be a bebop-breath
        a swing-like breath
        a waltzing-kind-of-breath.
Original melodies. Always remembering
             that you can never breathe the same breath
                    in the same way ever again.

Just let it happen. Let it be amazing. And breathe. Jazz.

Learn the basic components of breathing, and then let it happen!

(Excerpt from: Breathing into Life)

(Photo: Paris wall graffiti)

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