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Like many artists, I've expressed myself through the creation of several bodies of work. I've explored ideas, themes, or insights through multiple pieces across various mediums: film, poetry, books, photography, and music.

Each body of work is designed to create meaningful conversations for you to engage in, be curious about and go out and live.

The most interesting topics I've explored are around self-awareness, personal growth, and using the power of consciousness to engage in living a creative and well life.

Join me and let me know what you think and feel.

You, as a human being, have the chance to learn more about yourself — from your past, to participate with your future health — and to adjust your life to feel better every single day.


Stress is personal.

I can tell you what it feels like — but I can't know your stress and you can't know mine.

Everybody's got their own private form of stress. Yet stress is a human thing; it’s a condition in which the human system responds to the demands for change.


Stay with yourself as fresh emotional breezes turn around out of nowhere.


On the Edge

By BijaB

There is a part of you that needs to know what's going to happen before you do anything. The part of you that wants to be safe and predictable.


Add up all the breaths and what do you have? Global Breath.

It's marvelous! Every human, animal, and plant. Even creatures like insects breathe. Everywhere on land, air, and sea. 

The earth breathes.


The diaphragm is the central muscle of the human body. The principle muscle of your breath. 

In ancient Greece, the diaphragm was phrenos — the unity of all possibilities of human expression — the link between body, mind, and breath.


Do you ever feel overwhelmed at work or at home?

Before you answer that, know that you’re living and breathing (or perhaps hyperventilating) through one of the most overwhelmed eras of our time.


Yoga Sutra, ch. 2, v. 35:

When one perseveres in non-violence, hostility vanishes in their presence.


There is great confusion in the yoga world:  the basic Western misunderstanding of yoga is that it is merely separate positions to be mastered. 

It is not!


In every ritual, from the simplest to the most elaborate, from the spiritual to the mundane, the steps involved are very much the same:  geometry, structure, rhythm, and intent.