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By BijaB

YogaAway is the most portable, powerful, time-flexible antidote to the challenges of stress, travel, work, sleep, and life.

In 2004, I created YogaAway, LLC, an international lifestyle brand to provide yoga programs, products, and services for the hospitality and spa industries. Co-partnering with Global Hyatt Corporation, we created a series of in-room videos, hotel-spa classes, and yoga products for millions of people to recover from the stress of being on the road. YogaAway at Hyatt became a significant part of Stay-Fit-at-Hyattan award-winning program for international spas and resorts. 

YogaAway was the exclusive provider of yoga products and services for Hyatt Hotels & Resorts both domestically and internatonally. Offerings included on-going media and educational programs, in-room experiences, and products specifically designed for rest and recuperation — from burnout and overwhelm, to stress-related effects. 

YogaAway's videos were freatured in over 3,000 hotels and hospitality brands across the USA — becoming the first international yoga brand for the hospitality industry.  

The Message of YogaAway

Stress builds up when we expend more energy than we recover. Yoga works fast, especially for travelers on the move – it can restore balance, shift our state of mind and inspire us to feel whole again. It’s a powerful ritual and respite, and we’re looking forward to helping Hyatt guests snap back from the rigors of the road." 

While YogaAway is no longer servicing Hyatt, it's not surprising that ten years later, STRESS IS STILL THE NUMBER ONE CAUSE OF DISEASE AND ILLNESS RELATED ISSUES. 

Try each of the four full-length YogaAway videos and learn new was to reduce your stress, increase your focus, sleep better, and work-out your body and mind.

(SPECIAL NOTE: My colleague, Gary Kraftsow, founder of the American Viniyoga Institute, designed the yoga sequences for these films.) 

The Workout: Feeling Great Again — Strength

Stress Reduction: Feeling at Home — Relaxation

Finding Focus: Feeling Clarity of Mind — Concentration

A Good Night from YogaAway

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