Emotional Yoga

By BijaB

Bija has a profound gift for making the spirit of yoga accessible. —Deepak Chopra

Emotional Yoga: How the Body Can Heal the Mind
(Simon & Schuster, 2002)
By Bija Bennett
Photographs by Lois Greenfield


For years, yoga has been praised for its benefits to the body, providing healing, rejuvenation, overall toning, and solutions to a host of other physical problems. 

Recently, however, author Bija Bennett has brought yoga back to its basics, inspiring instructors and practitioners alike to rediscover the emotional and spiritual wellness that yoga can bring.

Drawing on her extensive training in yoga therapy, dance, and meditation, Bija Bennett has created a groundbreaking yoga program that takes full advantage of the mind-body connection. Based on the classical eightfold path of yoga, Emotional Yoga offers a broad range of simple body-mind techniques that can positively affect our emotional well-being, including the dynamic interplay of movements, breathing exercises, meditations, lifestyle skills, rituals, gestures, and healing sounds.

Each technique is presented in a way that is true to Bennett's background in the tradition of Viniyoga, which allows the reader to adapt the program to his or her specific needs.

Praise for Emotional Yoga

"A brilliant design for emotional and spiritual stability. Bija is—simply put—a powerful, dynamic teacher."
        —Wayne W. Dyer, author

"Bija has a profound gift for making the spirit of yoga accessible."
        —Deepak Chopra, M.D., author

"Emotional Yoga is highly accessible and incorporates an up-to-the-minute synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern science. I highly recommend this book."
        —Candice B. Pert, Ph.D., Author of Molecules of Emotion

"Emotional Yoga helps you unlock your deepest potential and takes you to higher states of health and well-being."
          —Ken Wilber, author of A Theory of Everything

"Training both the mind and body is the key to reaching your peak. In Emotional Yoga, Bija takes you to the next fitness level — strengthening your emotional muscles."
          —Tom Terwilliger, Mr. America 1986, National Bodybuilding Champion        

"With Emotional Yoga, Bija Bennett has woven an authentic understanding of yogic principles with her creative artistic mastery, making the profound teachings of this ancient tradition available to the modern reader."
          —Gary Kraftsow, Founder, the American Viniyoga Institute, author of Yoga for Wellness




Watch this beautiful promo video of Bija talking about Emotional Yoga:


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