Wellness Services

By BijaB

Drawing on my extensive experience in mind-body health, yoga therapy, and integrative medicine, I use an interactive style of teaching that gets people to actually experience new ways of being energized, focused, and fully engaged.

Here's What I Do

  • I offer a proprietary "toolbox" of curated, integrated wellness content for both individuals and groups, that are designed to ecalibrate energy, build immunity, and create the foundation for a healthy, sustainable life.
  • I teach individuals, leaders, and organizations a practical and powerful set of strategies and tools to help them become more inspired in our increasingly demanding and complex world.

Here's How

I offer keynotes, lectures, and courses that include:

  • Mindfulness practices, energy renewal techniques, meditations, breathing lessons, movement practices, personal daily rituals, and emotional awareness exercises — all grounded in current science, and designed to increase confidence, boost mental clarity and focus, and build self-awareness.
  • Models, systems, resources, and programs to help people and companies navigate between expending and renewing energy, while reducing stress and increasing well-being.

I provide:

  • Tools to build your personal and company awareness; internally delivering messages, tips, trainings to employees, clients, customers, vendors, suppliers, distributers and more.
  • Practical guides, custom materials, videos, and modules that will help you and your company create work-life integration and provide on-going practices and tools.


Contact me at: bijab@bijab.com

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