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Shift your perspective at work and during the day. Start spending a few minutes moving and breathing, and focusing your mind, and let that one thing restore you. Get yourself and your team to renew and re-engage. Use a curated series of videos and practices as a jumping off point. Your whole company will start spinning at a different frequency by adding personal energy rituals throughout the day.

The Facts. The challenges of stress, engagement, and recovery are the same for all corporate cultures and it doesn't matter who you are or where you're from. The constant urgency and endless distractions of corporate culture are undermining our ability to perform at our best. 

The Solution. Now, more than ever, we need a full-blown recovery system with highly specific routines that help reduce stress and manage our energy at every level. 

Here's What I Do

  • I offer a proprietary "toolbox" of integrated wellness content for individuals, groups and teams designed to teach you how to recalibrate your energy, build immunity, and create the foundation for a healthy, sustainable life.
  • I teach individuals, leaders, and organizations a practical and powerful set of strategies and tools to help them become more inspired in our increasingly demanding and complex world.

Here's How

I offer keynotes, lectures, and courses that include:

  • Mindfulness practices, energy renewal techniques, meditations, breathing lessons, movement practices, personal daily rituals, and emotional awareness exercises — all grounded in current science, and designed to increase confidence, boost mental clarity and focus, and build self-awareness.
  • Models, systems, resources, and programs to help people and companies navigate between expending and renewing energy, while reducing stress and increasing well-being.

I provide:

  • Tools to build your personal and company awareness; internally delivering messages, tips, trainings to employees, clients, customers, vendors, suppliers, distributers and more.
  • Practical guides, custom materials, videos, and modules that will help you and your company create work-life integration and provide on-going practices and tools.

Drawing on my extensive experience in mind-body health, yoga therapy, and coaching, I use an interactive style of teaching that gets people to actually experience new ways of being mindful, energized, and fully engaged.

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