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Meet Bija Bennett, a strategic wellness advisor and expert in wellness for individuals and businesses worldwide. Bija brings together cross-functional teams to launch company-wide health and healing initiatives employing her accessible and engaging strategies. 

Whether it’s the high stress lifestyle of the corporate world; the physical and mental strains of travelers in the hospitality space; spas and fitness organizations looking to integrate wellness education and create effective strategies and partnerships to strengthen their program and product offerings — Bija helps move people into the future mindset of all things "well."

Her team is grounded in creating real-time wellness experiences through programs, products and services, powering people to higher states of health and well-being.



Advises leadership teams

Produces and publishes wellness media

Creates customized wellness products 

Provides on-going wellness assessments, education and clear messaging

Re-defines and upgrades "the face of wellness" in existing corporate wellness programs 

Educates through key-notes, lectures and on-going educational programs

Produces interactive digital programming 

Designs personalized wellness programs 



We stimulate individual learning. We embrace personal values and purpose. And we believe in human resilience, designing thoughtful, effective and energizing programs that let people prosper and grow. By connecting leaders to a wellness-driven purpose, we enable them to optimize and expand their workforce culture in tangible and impactful ways.

People generate change, raise their game and use their knowledge to transform others. Everyone thrives — individually, organizationally and globally.


Whether you're an individual or organization, contact Bija today to enhance your wellness culture and create the greatest competitive advantages in the years to come.

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